Income Tax Challan 17 TDS – Fillable PDF

Income Tax Challan 17 is used for the payment of TDS( tax deducted at source) and TCS (tax collected at source) Under the Rule 30; there is a guideline regarding TDS( tax deducted at source) or the tax paid as per subsection 1 (A) of section 192. As per this rule tax deducted has to be given to the credit of the Central Government. This has to be done within seven days from the month when either deduction is made, or income tax is due, in case tax is paid along with the income tax challan 17.

Rule 37CA has provision for the time as well as methods of payment to Government accounts for the TCS (tax collected at source) under section 206(c). This has to be paid to the credits of the Central Government within seven days from the month when it was collected. One can remit the same in any branch of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) or SBI (State Bank Of India) or at any branch of an authorized bank along with income tax challan 17.

What details are needed to fill Challan 17?

Now let’s find out about the information required and methods of filling Income Tax Challan 17.

The necessary information needed to fill this challan is named, contact no. & address of deductor, Permanent Account No. (PAN), & Temporary Account No. (TAN) of the deductor, details of BSR code & Transaction Ref. No., detail of Payment of TDS, account no. of deductor through which payments were made.


This challan also requires the information of deductee. Such as the name of deductee, Unique Transaction Number (UTN), PAN NO. , PAN VALIDITY, total TDS paid this has to be equal to total TDS deposited. [UTN and PAN Validation details are provided by the IT department]. Once you upload the challan, an acknowledgment is generated in Challan 17 format, to validates [Yes/No] for PAN of the deductee and creates a Unique Transaction Number [UTN].

Provide the following information very accurately:

One has to be very careful while filling this challan. The information such as TAN/PAN, CIN (Challan Identification Number), TRN (Transaction Reference Number), Details of the amount paid as TDS/TCS, Account No. of the Deductor, and the name of the Bank in which payment is made must be filled with proper attention

Where to submit Challan 17?

As per the guidelines, Electronic Payment [e-Payment] of TDS is mandatory for all. One can also provide the same at individual’s local income tax offices

How to download Challan 17?

Challan No. 17 is section free. Deductor is supposed to file challan 17 electronically for all the challans submitted by him. You can download the Challan 17 in the format of fillable PDF. You can just click on the button provided below to download the Challan-17.


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