Annexure C For Passport – Download Fillable PDF Now!

Annexure C for Passport is aimed at minor children born out of divorced wedlock. In simpler terms, children of divorced parents must provide the Annexure C at the time of applying for a passport.

Annexure C is a responsibility affidavit by the parents of the child; it states who will be responsible for the kid and whom to contact at the time of emergencies. Annexure H is for children who’s parents are not divorced or single.

We here have provided you with details about who must file it and what details are required to create Annexure C. Without further ado successfully, you can find the details in respective sections of the article.

Annexure C: Who must have it?

Annexure C must be filled by parents of children born out of wedlock; a responsible parent must sign it. A single parent can also provide with Annexure C for the responsibility of a child.

Annexure C For Passport

Annexure C: How to make?

  1. We have provided PDF as well as the DOC version of sample Annexure C, kindly download it from the given buttons.
  2. Next step, after downloading is to fill with the appropriate details.
  3. Make sure that you test the print on simple paper and not the Stamp Paper of value INR 10.
  4. Signature of the applicant, as well as the parent, must be in their respective boxes.
  5. Legal representative or notary must attest Annexure C.

If you find any difficulties in any of the given steps, kindly comment on your issue, and we will try our best to help you with that.

What do you need for Annexure C?

Here are the details you need to create Annexure C successfully.

  • Name
  • if available Either Parent Name
  • Applicant Gender (Male or Female)
  • Permanent Address of Applicant
  • Legally separated or Living with Minor
  • Wedlock Minor or Not?
  • Parents Left Out or the Minor.

We recommend downloading the fillable PDF of Annexure C, you can use the normal PDF reader to fill and print. If you don’t have the PDF reader then you should download the DOC version of Annexure C.

All our Annexures have been designed based on the guidelines mandated by the Passport office. Let us know if you face any difficulties while creating the annexure in comments.


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