Annexure A For Passport – Download PDF Now!

Annexure A For Passport is an affidavit for an illiterate person to provide proof of date of birth. This affidavit will act as proof of date of birth and will help get an illiterate person get their passport. Annexure A is aimed at uneducated people, so it is wise to get it done by someone who can explain to them what is it about.


Annexure A must be read out loud to the person who is creating it and must know the purpose. To make this process much easier, we have provided with the fillable PDF. Fillable PDF acts like a sample form which you can fill on a computer and print it without any errors and mistakes.

Who should get Annexure A?

Annexure A is for adults who are illiterate and needs a proof of date of birth. It is an affidavit which can be done with the help of a lawyer. It is required by passport authorities to have evidence of the date of birth, as illiterate people might not have and they can obtain it with the help of Annexure A.

How to Make Annexure A affidavit?

  1. Download the PDF file given at the end of this article.
  2. Make sure you fill all the field with proper details.
  3. Annexure A must be printed on the stamp paper of minimum INR 10 value.
  4. Applicant must place his thumb imprint on the stamp paper.
  5. Annexure A can be attested by any

Above given are the steps to create the Annexure A for the passport.

Details needed for Annexure A?

Following are the details you need to create Annexure A successfully.

  • Name
  • Father/Spouse’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Place of birth
  • Date of Annexure A creation
  • Place of Annexure A creation

Here we have provided you with both fillable Annexure A PDF and Annexure A in word format. You can download whichever you find yourself comfortable.


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